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Home » Find out if your Internet connection supports 4K and high resolution with Speedtest and its mobile video test

Find out if your Internet connection supports 4K and high resolution with Speedtest and its mobile video test

With Speedtest you can not only pass a speed test to your connection to know the maximum download and upload performance, it is also possible find out the maximum resolution at which you can stream video. Not sure if your connection supports Netflix in 4K? Take a Speedtest test first, both on Android and iPhone.

To answer WhatsApp messages, you don’t need an Internet connection that is too fast, nor to access social networks or even to surf the web. Of course, things change when Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, HBO or any other video streaming platform are put in front: there you do need a good connection. Since to get high resolutions you have to pay more, Why not check that your access supports it? Well, with Speedtest it is possible.

Speedtest launches its video speed test on Android

The function we are talking about, the video speed test, has been in iOS since February 2021, but it was not until now that Speedtest decided to include it in its Android app. Once you update the application, or proceed to download it from scratch, you will see that in the lower menu the “Video” icon appears between “Speed” and “VPN”.

Comparison of rates with unlimited data: now the restrictions are speed, tethering and video quality

Speedtest is one of the best ways to know what the maximum download and upload speed is, as well as to know other essential data to measure the quality of the connection, such as latency. With these data it is possible to know the approximate maximum quality at which we can stream: about 3 Mb / s to view content in SD (720p); about 5 Mb / s for streaming in HD (1080p); about 25 Mb / s for content in UHD (4K). These figures are approximate and depend on other factors, such as network saturation.

As it is not very easy to know the maximum resolution based on a speed test (the data does not have to reflect the streaming download), Speedtest performs this test with different video qualities to find out as much as the connection goes. This is useful if you want to upgrade your subscription category and need to find out first if your Internet access will be compatible.

Try Video Speedtest

With the speed test applied to the video, Speedtest will stream its own content processed with different codecs and resolutions. Once finished you will know the maximum quality of your network: if Speedtest tells you that it is suitable for 2,160p you will have access to 4K resolution; with lower resolutions also supported.

Try Video Speedtest

Data spend from a Speedtest video test performed on a 5G mobile network

Before purchasing a 4K subscription perform tests at different times of the day, especially in the most saturated hours (between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.). If you are going to stream with your mobile rate, perform speed tests in different places to find out how your operator behaves. Remember, yes, that each test requires a large amount of data: about 450 MB for each test.

Ookla Speedtest - Speed ​​Test

Ookla Speedtest – Speed ​​Test

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