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Find out who unfollows you on Instagram with Reports

Find out who unfollows you on Instagram with Reports + for iOS and Android

Do you use Instagram? Are you an iOS or Android user? In that case, you may be interested in knowing this application that we are going to talk about. It is called Reports + for Instagram and although it works by subscription, for free it allows you to know which users have stopped following us on our Instagram account in very few steps.

We are not going to detail the exhaustion that many of us suppose having to use a subscription for almost any service. The advantage is that in Reports +, there are options that are free and that if we are able to hold an ad, they allow know interesting aspects of our Instagram account, in this case those related to the loss of followers.

You can know who stops following you


Whether or not your mind is set on who has stopped following you on your profile on the popular social network, the truth is that this app allows what it promises: in one click we can see those profiles that have followed us and that have suddenly disappeared… or not so much.

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And as usual, for this type of tool, the first thing is grant permissions to access our Instagram account. We therefore have to enter with our username and password. And if it is something that does not convince you, calm down, since when you check what you are looking for, you can always close the session and revoke the permissions to third-party applications on Instagram.

Instagram 1

And now, entering the matter, after downloading the application from the App Store or from Google Play Store, the first thing we must do is enter our credentials and on the first screen that we will see, one of the options that appears responds to the name of “Lost followers”.

Instagram 2

Along with other options, if we click on this section, we will see a listing by means of advertisement, which offers the users who have stopped following our profile. Former followers we can make unfollow directly from the app, but in that case we will have to see different ads, so it is more practical to search for them and stop following them directly from Instagram.

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By the end, if we are concerned about privacy, we can close the session, scrolling the page to the right and clicking on “Close session” among the options that appear.

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And if you want to go one step further, you can deactivate authorizations that offer access to third-party applications on Instagram, as is the case. Simply enter our profile and click on the “Settings” option.

Instagram 5

Of all the sections we look at “Security” and we entered “Applications and Websites”. At that point we will see the web applications that we have active with access to our account to be able to revoke the permissions.

Instagram 5

Reports + for Instagram

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