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Five alternatives to Bizum to send money quickly

We are going to give you some of the best alternatives to Bizum to send money instantly through your mobile phone. Bizum is the leader in users, but if our bank is not compatible or we do not want to use this service, there is always a plan B to pay with your mobile.

All the proposals that we are going to recommend they are free and they have plans that do not carry any type of commission. All you have to do is open an account in these services, link them to our bank and start using them.


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PayPal is one of the payment services that have been working the longest. It is a widely used system and allows us to make payments in a matter of seconds. With PayPal we can send money to our contacts, either with the balance we have in our own PayPal account or by linking it to our bank account.

We can also send a link to our contacts so they can pay us quickly, as well as send money to bank accounts in other countries through Xoom. Some merchants also allow payment with PayPal, which has a QR code system for this purpose.




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Twyp is another of the pioneering apps when it comes to sending payments through our mobile phone. It is a payment system of the ING Direct bank, but it is open to any user: no need to be from ING Direct.

Complete guide to pay with your mobile: what it takes and how it works

The app integrates with Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing you to send payments, obtain some discounts in shops and gas stations and with section for group payments, so you can balance accounts with your contacts.

Twyp - Mobile payment for everything and everyone

Twyp – Mobile payment for everything and everyone

See each other

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Verse allows you to send and request money to friends quite quickly and easily. It also has a calculator that divide the expenses among the group of friends, so that one of them pays and the others send their adjusted part automatically.

The Verse balance is instantly transferred to our bank account, being a good free alternative to Bizum, available for iOS and Android.

Verse - Payments

Verse – Payments

N26 MoneyBeam

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The N26 neobank is one of the best known and has a money transfer service called MoneyBeam. With this service we can send money to our contacts in real time.

The contact is selected from our list or we add it by mobile phone or email address, the transaction amount is entered and the money is sent.

N26 - The Mobile Bank

N26 – The Mobile Bank


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Revolut also allows you to send money instantly. It is one of the most used neobanks in the world and it is quite easy to recharge money in the app, since we can make instant transfers to the account itself. We can transfer money in other currencies without commissions, provided that we do not exceed a limit of 1,000 euros per operation.



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