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FlixOlé, ‘the Spanish Netflix’, arrives on Amazon Prime Video with more than 3,500 titles available

FlixOlé, for those who do not know him, is also known as ‘the Spanish Netflix’, a proposal focused on content produced in Spain, with thousands of titles in its catalog. From today, February 18, you can enjoy the contents of FlixOlé on Amazon Prime Video, thanks to the alliance between Amazon and said channel platform.

To enjoy these contents we will have to contract an additional subscription for 2.99 euros per month, the toll to be paid for more than 3,500 titles, including films and series produced in Spain, including the main bulk of Spanish cinema from 1940 to 1980, completely remastered.

FlixOlé can now be hired as an Amazon Prime Video channel


FlixOlé boasts more than 3,500 titles between movies and series, among which we find the bulk of classic Spanish cinemaas well as some recent titles. As we learned in Engadget, FlixOlé highlights the presence of quinqui, erotic or Buñuel cinema, among other alternatives that we can explore on the platform.

FlixOlé, Enrique Cerezo's streaming caprice: when you have so many Spanish movies that you can create your own Netflix

Through Amazon Prime we can contract FlixOlé with a subscription of 2.99 euros. As explained in Genbeta, being a Prime Video channel, FlixOlé is reproduced with the HEVC codec, which Bitrate being equal, it will look much better than with H.264

FlixOlé presents its own channel on the Amazon streaming service, making more than 3,500 titles accessible, including movies and series, with the best Spanish cinema of all time, always in the highest image and sound quality. The FlixOlé catalog includes authentic jewels of our cinema, from timeless classics to unknown treasures, all fully remastered and exclusively on this platform. Added to this unbeatable offer of Spanish cinema are the immortal classics of the RKO, the best Western, Hollywood and European, and unforgettable Italian, British or French films.

FlixOlé is available as an Amazon channel, so it can be viewed on Smart TVs, tablets, phones and Fire TV devices. All its contents can be downloaded to view them offline on any mobile device, large

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