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forget about swiping up, soon we will have stickers with links

Instagram is taking advantage of the summer to introduce various features and enhancements. Just in the last few weeks, we have seen, for example, the new control of sensitive content and the automatic translation of the text of the stories, in addition to the filtering of words and the limitation of interactions to combat abuse in private messages.

But these are not the only news of the social network. Before the end of August, we will have another one that is in great demand: the possibility of put stickers with links in the stories. With this, the current method will disappear, which forces us to slide up (swipe-up) to access the page in question.

Instagram plans to bring it to more users

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Currently, Instagram does not allow any user to post links in their storiesOnly those profiles that have 10,000 or more followers can do so. Also, if a person wants to access a web linked in a storie, they must slide the screen up (swipe-up) to open the page.

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That method will change very soon, specifically, next August 30. Instagram has confirmed to The Verge that, as of that day, instead of the link swipe-up, users will be able to use link stickers in stories so that their followers, by touching on them, are directed directly to the external website, without the need to swipe up.

According to the company, this change is intended to “streamline the story-making experience” and offer greater “creative control.” Also, in this way, followers will be able to reply to stories with links, something that did not happen until now because the option to swipe up removes the bar to write a comment or post a reaction.

This feature started testing in June with different users, not only with people who already had the option to swipe up (those with a verified account or at least 10,000 followers). A spokesperson for the social network has said that, for now, only those users will receive the option to put stickers with links, but that they are “evaluating” implementing it for more users.

Via | The Verge

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