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1610183007 goodbye to the likes and new interface

goodbye to the ‘likes’ and new interface

Facebook just announced a complete redesign for the pages. The new change affects the mobile interface, in which it has been tried to improve both the navigation itself within the pages and the information that is displayed on them.

In the same way, new features related to security are introduced, to try to detect fraudulent content, as well as accounts that try to impersonate our pages. However, the most relevant change is that it ends with the ‘likes’ of the pages, a hallmark for years.

This is how the new Facebook pages are

Nrp New Page Experience Inline1

The design of Facebook pages has changed a lot. Now the interface has been simplified, showing more visually the biography, publications and information about the page. Pages will now only show the number of followers, but I don’t like them.

“Unlike Likes, the followers of a page represent the people who can receive updates from the pages, which helps public figures have a stronger indication of their fan base.”

The new design comes hand in hand with dedicated news to discover and join conversations that may be interesting for the page. That is to say: pages will have their own update feed.

New Page Experience Inline2

This is the story of the button "Like" that 11 years after its creation hypnotizes millions of people every day

The tools themselves change within the pages as well. Now these pages can follow Facebook trends, interact with their followers and have tools to avoid SPAM and possible identity theft. Likewise, there will be new tools to offer a question and answer format so that pages can interact even more with their followers.

Facebook has announced this update and indicates that it will be available in “the next few months”, so there are still a few weeks until it ends up reaching all our phones.

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