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Home » Google Arts & Culture app adds five interactive games to learn art, history and culture

Google Arts & Culture app adds five interactive games to learn art, history and culture

Among the many apps offered by Google, today we will stop at ‘Google Arts & Culture’, an application that allows us to explore from anywhere a multitude of works of artThe exhibition will include a wide range of objects, archives, collections and artistic techniques. Gradually, it has added various tools and improvements, such as a version that uses virtual reality and special collections on commemorative dates.

It even went viral a couple of years ago thanks to a feature that allowed you to upload a selfie to find the painting that looks most like you. Now Google has announced the project ‘Play with Arts & CultureThe “Art and History” collection is an interactive collection of five games that aims to make art, culture and history more accessible in a different and fun way.

Increase your knowledge while having fun

Play With Arts Culture Hero

Google says that the game is one of the best ways for anyone to learn new things, and it’s not without reason. That’s why they’ve incorporated into ‘Google Arts & Culture’ a series of games that are inspired by the cultural treasures from hundreds of partner institutions and can already be tested on both the computer and the Android app, but will soon be available on the iOS app as well.

The aim of this project, called ‘Play with Arts & Culture’**, is that we can learn art, culture and history in a different and fun way. And to do so, it proposes five games:

  • What came firstThe story of the Statue of Liberty: Compare cultural moments in time such as the Statue of Liberty or the volleyball game. The faster you select the right answer, the higher your score. And if you want to dig a little deeper into the history, touch an item to find out more.
What Came First
  • Puzzle PartyPuzzle solving: Solve artwork puzzles by yourself or with your family and friends. There are over 500 works of art, including Andy Warhol’s “Flowers”, Johannes Vermer’s “The Girl with the Pearl” and Amy Sherald’s “First Lady Michelle Obama”. You can even choose from three different difficulty settings.
Puzzle Party Warhol
  • Visual CrosswordsCrossword puzzles: Solve these puzzles with pictures instead of letters, figuring out where each piece of artwork fits on the grid. Drag each one to the correct square to advance to the next level of difficulty.
Visual Crosswords
  • Cultural CrosswordsCrossword puzzle: Learn through crossword puzzles by touching the squares to reveal the clue and completing the solution. Once you have the correct answer, you can click on it and find out more.
Cultural Crosswords Picasso
  • Art Coloring BookColor: Color the most famous works of art the way you want, whether they are famous works of art or Street View landmarks.
Art Coloring Book Tajmahal
Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture

  • Developer: Google
  • Download it in: App Store
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Education / Entertainment

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