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Google Arts & Culture reveals the ‘Wonders of Spain’ to you

The Google art and culture application introduces a new theme based on Spanish customs, monuments and gastronomy. Called ‘Wonders of Spain’, it is now possible navigate from your mobile phone through all the highlights of this countryincluding some of its most important museums.

Google Arts & Culture is an application and website that, as its name suggests, is aimed at promoting cultural arts among all users. Thanks to everything it includes, installing the application involves to be able to immerse oneself in a multitude of pictorial currentsIt opens the door to virtual tours of the most famous museums and also allows you to browse different collections related to art classics or countries. What do you want to know more about Spain? Now it is possible.

Maravillas de España’, the new Google Arts & Culture theme

Google Arts Culture Wonders Spain

Wonders of Spain’ encompasses art, gastronomy, culture, customs and also traditionsThe “World Heritage Site”, is a space where you can rediscover the country or get closer to it in case you don’t know it yet. Google has updated Arts & Culture with this theme and it can now be visited from the website and also from the app, in the ‘Themes’ section.

Google Arts & Culture app adds five interactive games to learn art, history and culture

The volume of information that Google has added is impressive, everything to the maximum quality and with representative characters of each section. For example, Ferran Adriá explains the origins of elBulli, one of the most emblematic restaurants in Spain; Google reviews different families that have placed Spain in the gastronomic vanguard, such as the Roca or the Arzak; you can visit the Sagrada Familia in first person, the Alhambra, the aqueduct in Segovia or the Plaza Mayor in Madrid; even you can learn how to cook a paella with Samantha from Master Chef.

Google Arts Culture Wonders Spain

Google Arts & Culture has included a huge amount of content in the new ‘Wonders of Spain’ section: it’s worth a look. The theme is available on the web and also in the mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture

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