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Google Calendar app now integrates Google Tasks in Android and iOS

Google Tasks has long been integrated into the web version of Google Calendar, but not into the official Android and iOS applications. We knew this integration was on its way and now has already been activated to users of the Google Calendar mobile application.

Google Tasks and Google Calendar shake hands in Android, because the tasks you create in Google Tasks will appear in the calendarand the ones you create in the calendar will appear in Google Tasks.

Tasks come to the Google Calendar app

After the integration reached the web version, Google Calendar mobile applications now also integrate tasks created with Google Tasksprovided that they have an associated date.

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This integration means that tasks created with Google Tasks are displayed in the calendar on the specified date, as well as create tasks from the Calendar application The way to do it is the same as always: from the floating button.


The integration works in two ways the tasks you create in Google Calendar will be displayed in Google TasksFrom where you can also complete them. However, creating a task from the calendar application gives you fewer options, since you cannot create sub-tasks associated with the main task.

Another related limitation is that tasks that contain subtasks are not displayed in Google Calendar and therefore cannot be completed. When you try, the calendar application displays a warning indicating that you need to use the Google tasks application to complete it.


Google has announced this news on its blog and will go activating all Google Calendar users on Android and iOS in the next few days, and it may take at most two weeks to appear as available.

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