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Google Data Transfer Tool prepares to transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android

Transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to an iPhone and vice versa is an odyssey, as there is no way to make it reliable and free, but there is hope: WhatsApp has been working on a migration system for some time. In addition, as revealed by 9to5Google, it will be possible pass WhatsApp chats using Google’s migration tool, Data Transfer Tool.

Google Data Transfer Tool is an application with which you can transfer data from one mobile to another, iPhone included. In the bowels of the APK file for version 1.0.382048734 are clues that the WhatsApp migration from iPhone to Android will arrive soon.

Take your WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Recently WhatsApp has begun to test device mode, with which you can keep the account open on several devices at the same time without depending on the phone, but it still does not allow the use of two phones. Therefore, if you use WhatsApp on an iPhone and you want to use it on Android, so far there is no official way to take all your chats: you will start from scratch.

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The good news is that WhatsApp has been working on a tool to migrate chats between these operating systems for some time and that it will work by connecting both phones with a cable. Apparently something similar is about to come to google migration tool, Data Transfer Tool. With this tool, you must also connect both terminals so that data is copied between them.


The analysis of the APK leaves clear clues that WhatsApp migration is on the way, with texts as clear as “Transfer WhatsApp chats”, “Scan the QR code with your iPhone and open WhatsApp, then press Start”.

Another text refers to that, if you have problems, use the menu of Settings> Chats> Transfer chats to Android in WhatsApp on the iPhone, which seems to indicate that this migration will depend on when WhatsApp incorporates its own. At the moment there is no fixed date, although the fact that even third-party applications are joining this transfer indicates that it could be very close. You will have to be patient.

Data Transfer Tool

Data Transfer Tool

Via | 9to5Google

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