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1613472290 Google finally reveals what data it captures from the user

Google finally reveals what data it captures from the user on iOS in the “privacy labels”, first on YouTube

After the notable change in privacy introduced by Apple in its application store, where all developers now have to detail the data they use to track the user and what they use it for, Google finally reveals how its key apps work. And the first is YouTube: the update for iOS is now available.

Google updates its applications with remarkable frequency since they are not only used to a great extent, they also receive a multitude of changes that end up improving the experience (or aspire to it). These frequent updates occurred on both Android and iOS. And we speak in the past tense because Google had not updated its most important apps on Apple devices for more than two months. After the lapse, Google has made the mandatory exercise of transparency with the first relevant app: YouTube.

YouTube makes use of large amounts of user data

Youtube Privacy Ios

With the aforementioned introduction of privacy reports in the App Store, users receive detailed information on the data captured by applications and which ones are used to track them across the internet. In this sense, Google has revealed the enormous display that it uses in its Google Apps: YouTube collects a large amount of private information.

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After more than two months with no updates to key Google Apps on iOS, YouTube is the first to report everything it captures. It is one of the best weapons of Google within iOS, not in vain the use of the application is enormous: it is number one in the category of ‘Photo and video’ and had 15 million worldwide downloads only in January 2021 (data Sensor Tower). With this repercussion it is logical that Google seeks to make the platform profitable on iOS.

In the App Store we can already read all the data obtained from the user. In strict tracking terms, YouTube uses contact details and device identifiers. With them, Google follows the user throughout the web and other applications for, among other actions, show you advertising through platforms such as AdWords or AdMob. In addition, Google registers a multitude more data to use in its advertising services: from the user’s physical address to the telephone number or browsing history. Since YouTube is a common app on all iOS devices, the volume of data obtained by Google is remarkably high.

YouTube has opened the ban on Google updates on iOS: its latest version is now available for download. If you have an iOS device, and you are interested in continuing to use the application, you can now renew it from the App Store.



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