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Google launches Shoploop, a kind of TikTok for online shopping

The torrent of TikTok clones by the Internet giants continues. Now it comes to Google’s Area120, which after launching last month a kind of Pinterest clone now tries with a kind of TikTok but no funny videosThe focus is on facilitating the purchase of products online.

Shoploop is born as a web application perfectly adapted to mobile phones and at the moment totally focused on beauty products. The idea is to see short reviews of a product in the same application and be able to buy it with a couple of touches.

TikTok, but it’s all ads


The idea of Shoploop is that discover new products through short videos -with a maximum duration of 90 seconds- and you can buy the product in question from the application itself. When you watch a video, a small box is displayed at the bottom indicating the product being promoted and for sale.

Touching this box opens directly the page where you can buy itThis will usually be the official page for that product, and you will have to complete the purchase process on your own. In other words, Shoploop itself does not process orders, but directs you to the site to do so.

The relationship to TikTok comes not only from the short videos, but from adopting the same navigation that shows you more videos – related or not – by slide the current video up. Otherwise, the application is quite simple, although it has some social touches, such as the possibility of giving I like a particular video.

The application is free and has no ads, which is understandable because in a way it’s all about advertisingThe fact is that Google, unlike Instagram, instead of creating a social network on which to add purchases, has created a shopping network on which to put a bit of social networking.

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