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Google Maps launches indoor navigation, air quality maps and ecological route planning

The Google Maps application is about to take a leap forward when it comes to the use of maps indoors: thanks to the ‘Live View’ function it will soon be possible orient yourself with your mobile indoors. In addition, Google raises a layer to show the quality of the air in the plane and will allow the choice of the most ecological route.

Google Maps is one of those applications that are constantly adding new features, either in the form of added functions or implementing constant design changes. It is now almost the standard when it comes to GPS navigation and map management. However, the company is not willing to fall asleep: the latest update makes it very difficult for the competition. Because who hasn’t gotten lost in an airport just because they can’t find the best route to the boarding gate?

Google Maps finds the best route also indoors

Google Maps Interior Directions for inland routes using augmented reality (Live View)

The main novelty of the latest update is that the augmented reality navigation system, known as ‘Live View’, now works indoors. This is great news for all those who want to orient themselves in large enclosed spaces; either airports, shopping centers, stadiums or any other large venue (and labyrinthine passageways).

How to use the 'Go' tab of Google Maps to always have frequent routes at hand

Soon we will be able to use Google Maps to orient ourselves through those indoor spaces that have a map in the application. All you have to do is find your destination, pick up the phone and Maps will display the directions on the screen while the image captured with the camera also appears. The downside is that compatibility with spaces is still limited: at the moment it is enabled in some places in Chicago, Long Island, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, San José and Seattle. Google ensures that the functionality will soon reach other airports, shopping centers and transport exchanges.

Apart from indoor navigation, Google Maps has a couple of new features related to the environmental situation. On the one hand, the application launches a new selectable layer that will show the air quality recorded on the ground; on the other, Google Maps will allow choose the greenest route when you want to get from one point to another. In this way the user will have greater visibility of the ecological impact caused by their movements.

Air Quality Google Maps Layers with air quality

One last aspect is that Google Maps will begin to offer alerts if the user enters a low-emission zone, too will alert if the selected route passes through any of these areas. In the event that the vehicle cannot circulate in these areas, Google Maps will have alternative routes planned.

Google Maps Interiors Displacements Greener travel routes

The news will be coming soon to Google Maps, both in the form of updates and activation from the server side. AND will be compatible for both Android and iOS devices.

Google Maps - Navigation and public transport

Google Maps – Navigation and public transport

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