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1612531810 Google Maps tests a new minimalist design for routes

Google Maps tests a new minimalist design for routes

Google tends to test its applications with different functions or designs. Some of these pass the test and others remain by the wayside. The last one, spotted by XDA is a redesign of the interface before starting a route.

It is not a radical change, although it makes the map more immersive, showing the fields to enter the origin and destination floating over the map, instead of in the upper bar, as it was present until now.

More map

Google Maps has received not a few redesigns. The last one coincided with his 15th birthday, although apart from big changes, other small tweaks are common. The latter is subtle, although it does give quite a different look to the interface that appears before starting a route.

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Instead of showing the places of the route in a top bar, as it has been for many years, this test leaves the background map in full screen and keeps the start and destination floating on the map, as you can see in the following example image:

Maps The new design in testing (left) and the old one (right). Image from XDA

The redesign gives a somewhat cleaner look, although at the cost of the disappearance of tabs and buttons present in the previous design, which showed a summary of how long each type of transport took. The information is still available, sure, but in the form of a vertical strip, at the bottom of the window.

In a way, it is consistent with the layout that shows the next exit to take during a route, and which was changed in 2019 also for a similar floating menu. It would make sense, therefore, that this change went ahead, although with the tests you never know. Maybe it will reach all users soon, or maybe it will be lost forever in oblivion. Time will tell.

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Via | XDA

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