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1612249812 Google starts showing context and information about search results

Google starts showing context and information about search results

Google has announced that it begins to show more information about search results, in “about this result” or, in English, About this result. It is a menu, accessible in each search result, where we can see information about the result website.

In this way, it will be possible to see where a result is coming from and if it is a trustworthy place. The information screen that is displayed includes Wikipedia website descriptions or, if it is not listed, data such as the first time that Google indexed the site.

Where do Google results come from?

Over time, Google’s results have become more complicated. They are not just links to web pages, but all kinds of interleaved information, different types of content and from different sources are included. The latest Google change will allow you learn more about a result before opening it.

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It is a contextual menu that is being displayed as of today, first in the United States and next to each result in a search. Pressing in the menu ⋮ opens a panel with information about the website, which could help you to know if it is a reliable source or not.

What will be displayed on that panel depends on the information that is available. If the website has a Wikipedia page, its description will be displayed from there. Otherwise, Google will include other context that it has available, such as the first time you indexed the website.


In special content such as job searches, information about where the results come from, as well as if your connection is secure when using the HTTPS protocol and two shortcuts for privacy settings and information on how Google works.

These changes start today in Google results on the Google app, mobile web, and PC web, in the United States and with the English language, without having more details about its possible expansion to other regions and languages.

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