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hide the ones you don’t like

An old claim has finally become a reality on Spotify for those users who subscribe to the Premium option: the streaming platform already allows you to hide songs from any playlistAre there any topics you don’t like in the suggested playlists? Make sure they don’t come up again.

Spotify is a music giant as it has a huge number of subscribers, both free and paid (it has 271 million worldwide). With an infinite number of available tracks, groups and styles of music, one of the best options to discover new music is be advised by the playlists. But of course, they don’t always fit completely into our tastes; hence, more than once we have to go beyond the song. Until today: now you can hide the songs you don’t like from any list. But for now, only on Spotify Premium.

Hide the song and it won’t play

Spotify Skip Songs Spotify for iOS Hidden Song

The news was shared yesterday by The Verge, but it wasn’t until today that the option became available on Spotify Premium: we checked it out on our phones. It appears on Android as well as the iPhone, so it’s possible to hide any playlist theme, both user-made and Spotify-recommended. And the best thing is that the song is not deleted, just in case repentance appears: you just have to uncheck it to make it visible again.

The operation is very simple, you have to proceed as follows:

  • Click on the three menu points of the song you want to hide.
Spotify Skip Songs Spotify on iOS
  • You will see a new message appear: ‘Hide Song‘. Click there. On Android comes a ”ABlock‘.
  • From that moment on, the hidden song will not play when you play the playlist, but it will not disappear from it: you will see that the theme is obscured to show that it is hidden.
  • If you want it to appear again, and you have an iPhone, click on the forbidden icon, the one on the right of the song, and it will play again. If you have an Android you must click on the three menu points and remove the blockade with ‘Allow’.
Spotify Skip Songs Spotify for Android

You can hide as many songs as you want from the playlists so you can adjust the lists to your liking. It’s active on Android as well as iOS – all without having to update the app: Spotify activates new theme blocking from your server. Remember that it is only valid if you have a premium subscription. And it has a drawback: the songs they only remain hidden in the device where they hidenot on the bill. If you listen to that same list on another mobile, or on the computer, the songs will play anyway.

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