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How to activate floating YouTube video for iPhone and other experimental features – now in the app

From being available on the web to being able to be activated directly from the mobile application: YouTube for Android and for iOS has included direct access to experimental functions. In this way it is very easy to activate the floating window playback for the iPhone, for example; in addition to other functions that will be coming to YouTube.

Google is testing new features that will progressively reach all its apps. Most of them are included to know their acceptance among users, usually in a hidden way. There are the “flags” of Google Chrome, for example. And YouTube also has certain experiments that could be activated from the web. Now it is included directly in the mobile applications.

YouTube experiments now in Android and iOS apps

Youtube Experimental Features

As we said, until now the experimental functions of YouTube could be activated through the web version of the video platform. These functions were being renewed as Google needed to test them in order to introduce them to the platform, both in browsers and in applications. What changes is that from now on they are much more accessible, not in vain mobile applications constitute one of the majority accesses to YouTube.

The best alternatives to YouTube to watch videos on iPhone and Android

As they discovered in Android Police, the YouTube app offers an ad on its cover inviting you to try the experimental features. All you have to do is click on that ad to get access to the different functions that are being tested, both for Android and iPhone. Yes indeed, only suitable for YouTube Premium users.

Currently the following experiments can be tested:

  • Floating window playback. For iOS: View the video as Picture in Picture (PIP) while using any non-YouTube application.
  • Translate comments. Suitable for Android and also for iOS: when activating the experiment, a translate button will be displayed under each comment that appears in another language.
Youtube Experimental Features

The experimental functions are available through the cover and from the “Your Premium benefits“, in the profile icon. YouTube will renew the tests as it completes the results of the previous experiments. And, as we said, they are already in the Android and iOS mobile apps.

Via | Android Police

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