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1607178997 How to become a cartoon character with Snapchats new Cartoon

How to become a cartoon character with Snapchat’s new Cartoon filter

Do you want to become a cartoon just by taking a selfie with your phone or recording yourself using the camera? After succeeding with the anime filter, Snapchat has introduced the Cartoon lens, a mask that turn any person or pet’s face into a cartoon. Perfect for creating very particular photos and videos.

Perhaps Snapchat is not one of the most used applications in regards to the social network, especially since the competition has been subtracting part of its potential by copying its innovations. Now we have Stories even on Spotify, filters and skins have also reached everywhere. Even so, Snapchat manages to keep innovating, as with the last Cartoon filter. It is going to be very popular.

The filter transforms you into a cartoon instantly

Snapchat Cartoon

As with the rest of the lenses and skins on the platform, just choose the Cartoon option so that the phone become a transformation tool. And in a super precise way: Snapchat has managed to make the results perfectly adapted to the person, fitting in the background and without showing any defects. All in real time, this adds more complexity to the augmented reality of the platform.

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Although the filter is in Snapchat, you can export the results to upload photos and videos with the appearance of a cartoon. They are really curious, sure you get more than one smile. And they are very easy to create:

  • Open Snapchat and click on the magnifying glass in the upper left corner.
  • Type ‘cartoon’ in the search box and choose ‘Cartoon’, the filter created by Snapchat (There may be other filters with the same name, without the same quality).
  • Capture an image (or video) with you in the foreground or pointing the rear camera at other people – Snapchat’s filter will convert faces. It also works with pets.
  • Once you have the content ready to publish, click on the lower ‘Save’ icon: so you will have the result in your ‘Moments’. Access that section and export the video or image as ‘Export Snap’: you can save it in the phone storage.
  • Upload the video or photo to TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, send it by WhatsApp or share it as you wish.

With the Cartoon filter you can share content on Snapchat or any other social network, you can also send it by messaging to your friends.



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