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how to check if you can access it from your mobile

The Government has approved the minimum living income, a benefit that aims to cover all citizens at risk of poverty and which, according to the Social Security, may benefit more than 850,000 households. The immediate question is how do we know whether or not we can access that minimum living income. Social Security has enabled a web simulator that allows us to do this and, seen from our territory, is surprisingly well optimized for use on mobile devices

So let’s tell you how you can access the simulator and how to use. If you are interested in doing it from your computer, our colleagues at Genbeta explain the process in this interface. However, you can consult it quickly from your mobile phone, so let’s see how it’s done.

How to use the Minimum Vital Income Simulator

Minimum Vital Income Simulator

A Minimum Vital Income Simulator has been enabled through the Social Security website. Therefore, it is necessary to access it via the web. In our case, we have used Google Chrome, although the page is optimized for other browsers. The first thing we will see is a welcome page explaining that we will be asked some questions to check if we meet the requirementsand the approximate amount that we are entitled to if we are eligible to receive it.

The process doesn’t take much more than two minutes. These are simple answers and no documentation will be needed to answer them

After hitting ‘Start’ we will be presented with an interface quite optimized for mobiles and very similar to the chat format. We will be asked a series of questions to which we have to answer with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, although in other cases we will have to answer the number of members in the family unit. These are brief questions that do not require any documentation by handso we’ll be able to answer them in a matter of minutes.

Minimum Vital Income Simulator These are the kind of questions we’ll be asked. The simulator works both in the mobile browser and in the browser integrated within the apps themselves.

Whether our answers match the requirements for Social Security assistance, we will be given the amount marked as a difference. Specifically, the difference between the family’s monthly income and X amount. This figure will vary in each case, depending on the answers and the monthly income.

Similarly, it should be noted that it is a simulation with informative valueSo the final figure may vary once we make the formal request to the administration. Remember also that the application to receive the Minimum Life Income will be open from June 15 through the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security.

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