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How to check the phase of the de-escalation in which you are with Desescalapp

The return to normalcy is a somewhat confusing process of phases that should be followed. Because, would you know exactly what phase your municipality, city or province is in? There is a very simple way not only to know this phase, but also all that it entails for mobility: Descalapp. Easy to use and perfectly adapted to the mobile.

Taking walks a kilometre away from your home, being able to meet with groups of people of up to ten people, having the option of escaping to the terrace of a café and many more actions that three months ago seemed like a sea of normals to us and now became an exception with the confinement. Little by little we are returning to the ‘new normal’ with the phase program. And to know which one you are in, there is a website that you can consult from your mobile phone: Desescalapp. It doesn’t have an application for smartphones (despite the name), but it doesn’t involve any difficulty in using it on small screens either.

De-scaling: phase information with the postal code

De-Scaling Information De-Scaling Phases

Knowing which provinces are in which phase is not too difficult since it is enough to follow the news a little. Now then, if you live in a small municipality you may not have to follow the guidelines of your province’s phase (if it does not reach 5,000 inhabitants, you can go out for a walk at any time of day, for example); apart from the fact that there are communities that have bet on health areas, a measure that complicates uniformity within the same province.

Given the logical difficulties in knowing everything that can be done at each stage and which one you belong to, with your mobile phone and Desescalapp you can find out instantly and easily. All you have to do is access their website (at the moment it does not apply), enter your zip code and you will instantly know the stage of your municipality with all the information regarding the obligations. This way you will know in which phase of the de-climbing you are and any other person, in case you are planning a reunion.

De-Scaling Information De-Scaling Phases

A little ‘trick’ to make it easier to consult Desescalapp is add the web as a shortcut to your phone’s desktop. This way you will have the de-climbing information in one step:

  • Open the Descalapp page in your mobile browser. Do not enter your zip code yet.
  • Go to your browser’s options and click on ‘.Add to home screen‘. Depending on the application you use to browse the web the text may vary.
  • A shortcut icon has been added to your desktop. Move it to where it’s most useful.
De-Scaling Information De-Scaling Phases A shortcut on the desktop makes it easier to check the phase

We recommend that you check and follow all the advice given by Desescalapp. It is also advisable to look for information in the local media: your municipality’s Twitter account or its websitefor example.

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