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how to check the VAT of a product from your mobile

The month of July begins, and with it comes the new e-commerce VAT package, through which stores like Aliexpress will have to apply value added tax, from which products under 150 euros were exempt until now. This will cause a general increase in prices, since sellers will have to pass VAT on to the customer.

The question that arises is whether these prices will be reflected on Aliexpress or there will be surprises, and the answer is that a little of both. On the cover of Aliexpress prices continue as usual, so we are going to show you how you can check the final price with VAT to avoid surprises.

The Aliexpress app now has a bit of a cheat

You are browsing Aliexpress. Among thousands and thousands of products you choose one: mark 50 euros in the price, but in the car they will charge you more than 60. With the arrival of VAT to Aliexpress, the method at the time of purchase changes a bit.

The prices that you will see in the Aliexpress interface are without VAT. Until you go to the menu to buy the product, the final price does not appear

Inside the interface everything continues as before. The prices of Chinese products are still the same, quite low. When you click on them there is no variation in the price, and that is until we go to the purchase section, the VAT percentage we pay is not indicated.

VAT Aliexpress

Be careful with the initial price, since you have to add VAT.

That is, if you don’t want to do the calculation manually, you have to take the product to the purchase section to check its final price. Aliexpress has added VAT here, where the final price appears along with coupons, discount codes, and more.

More national purchases and less AliExpress: this is how the new VAT will affect e-commerce

What about Aliexpress Plaza?

Tg Image 1643473380

In Aliexpress Plaza we have seen price increases, but it is not indicated at any time that it is marked by VAT.

The biggest problem is concentrated in Aliexpress Plaza, where we have noticed an increase in much of the catalog. This increase in the price on July 1 seems a clear indication that manufacturers have passed VAT on the price of the product itself, but it is not indicated anywhere that said VAT is applied.

The main problem here is that, since it is not indicated that VAT is included, it may not be and the carrier requires it to be included in the delivery.

That is, if a month ago a mobile was 160 euros and now it is 200, you are not sure that VAT has been applied. Nothing prevents the carrier from asking you 21% VAT on delivery in case it has not been so.

In other words, if the product has the VAT notice in the purchase section, we can rest assured that it stays paid. In the event that this is not the case, it is advisable to check with the seller himself to find out whether or not the product has VAT included.

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