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How to enable the new feature to sync “History” and “Open Tabs” in Edge on both iOS and Android

If you are a user of the new Chromium-based Edge and do not want to lose detail when browsing, you are in luck, because Microsoft adds one more improvement in terms of synchronizing navigation data between PC and other devices. It’s about the synchronization of “Open tabs” and “History”.

With increasing competition between browsers, it is improving being deployed on Windows and macOS computers with an activation on the server side and which is now active in Edge, in the stable version (for all users) that we can download both in the App Store for iOS and in the Google Play Store for Android.

Open tabs and history, synced


This is an improvement that all those who had dared to install the Beta version of Edge on Android already had access to and that now makes the leap to be used by all users. Of course, in order to benefit, it will be necessary for all the equipment that we are going to use to be like available and activated in all browser installations and that we are logged in with the same Microsoft account.

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With this improvement, it is possible that if you browse with Edge connected to the same account on all devices, you can have access from anywhere to the entire browsing history as well as open tabs, going from the computer to the mobile or the console, without major problem.

Android Edge on Android

If you want to start testing this function in Edge, and regardless of using iOS or Android, you must enter the browser and scroll to the bottom of the screen, pressing the central icon with the three points that gives access to the “Settings” section .


Once inside you must look at the “Accounts” section and within that click on the account under which you have registered the browser and the one that you are going to use with other computers. You will see how the section appears on the new screen “Synchronization”, so that if you click on it you will have access to all the sections that you can have in synchronization. There you must mark “Open tabs” and “Record”.


This is everything you need to have your data always in sync on Edge, regardless of the platform you’re using.


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