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how to fix it and why does it happen

If the Google application or other services such as Google Keep and other related apps are failing you, you are not alone: ​​users are reporting errors in the Google App all over the world. As usual, it points to a conflict with a new update in the Google app, which may be causing these errors.

We are going to tell you what the rest of the suspects are, as well as what are the solutions to fix the Google app and that it stops closing and giving errors.

What’s happening with the Google app


Users are reporting both in social networks and in Google’s own searches an error in the app. The error, in particular, causes the Google app to close or that shows the classic message of force close, since it is not able to open to work.

This type of error is not new, and it is that Google has already suffered this type of falls more than once due to an update. Usually when this happens it is right after an update, either from the Google app itself, from Android System WebView or from the personalization layer of our phone.

When updates conflict, these types of errors occur, so the solution ends up being or update everything to the latest version Or do the opposite, try to go back to previous versions that did not give errors.

Fix errors in the Google app


As we have indicated, this type of error has to do with updates, so the solution is through them. We recommend you take a look at our tutorial on fixing applications that close and do not work, since we explain there how to fix these types of errors. The quick summary is that we have to clear the data or uninstall the Google App or Android System WebView updates to get them working again.

How to fix the problem with apps that close themselves on Android

In the case that you have a Xiaomi, the error that appears may have the name of MSA, although the solution is the same: delete the WebView updates or those of the Google app. These solutions are a temporary patch since, with the last update of Google, everything should be fixed.

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