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How to restrict a user on Instagram and how it differs from locking it

In October 2019 Instagram launched the ‘Restrict’ feature, a functional gem that remains unknown to many users. While it was born as a tool to prevent harassment, accounts can be restricted for whatever reason the user wantsThis is a slightly more “friendly” option than blocking any user directly.

We’re going to tell you how you can restrict users on InstagramWhat is this for and what are the main differences from blocking it, which is too radical an option in cases where we just want to limit the activity of our supporters.

Restrict contacts: leave people talking to themselves

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One of the main advantages of the option to restrict contacts on Instagram is that the user will not know that he has been restricted. This person can still comment on your photos, send you messages and so on, but he’ll be the only one to see what he’s talking about and you won’t be able to tell if you’ve read his messages or not, since the view marker stops working.

Restricting a user allows them to limit their activity with us, but does not block them. You can still view our photos, stories and comment on our photos

Specifically, this is what Instagram account about the ‘Restrict’ option.

  • User interaction is limited, but you will not receive any notification that you have been restricted.
  • Only you and that person will be able to see the comments he puts in your publications. You can make them visible or not.
  • Messages sent to you will be sent to the message request list, so you will not be able to see when we are online or if you have read their messages.

As you can see, restricting a user allows them to “talk to themselves” both in comments and in direct messages, with you being in control of whether these contents are public or not. This is a less restrictive option than blocking, which prevents the person from seeing our Instagram account.

Restricted Accounts

For restrict an account on Instagram we must follow the following steps, regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone.

  • Opens the configuration section

  • Go to the Privacy settings

  • Select ‘Restricted accounts

  • Choose the users you want to restrict

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