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how to see the bill, how many gigs you have left and everything you can do with the app

We are going to tell you about My Pepephone, the operator’s application. From her we can perform practically all the functions of your website, but in a much faster and more comfortable way. It is available for both Android and iPhone, so you can use it on any device.

It is completely free, has no advertising and many procedures that may seem complex are a matter of seconds in the app. Let’s see everything it offers and how to get the most out of it in the simplest way possible.

Pepephone fiber, mobile and combined rates: all offers

How to check your invoice, rate and others in My Pepephone

My Pepephone App

As soon as you open the My Pepephone application you will find the ‘mobile and fiber’ page. The first piece of information that appears is our name, telephone number associated with the rate and the rate that we have contracted. Right in the center we have consumption of the month, in which the accumulated gigs are counted (in the case of having a tariff with accumulable GB) and the minutes of calls that we have left. In the same way, it indicates how many days are left until the end of the month.

Going down, we are shown what is the accumulated expense until today, in which we can see the discount we have (in the case of having it), as well as the data or extra calls that have been charged to us, in case of having exceeded the limits included in the rate.

From this mobile and fiber section, we can also check the PUK number, as well as configure the behavior of the SIM when making calls (voicemail, calls on hold, etc.)

If we continue to go down we will see information related to our rate, so that we know how much we are paying, what does it includeHow we can expand the data and even see the famous PUK number that we always end up losing, to recover the card in case we cannot find the PIN.

Finally, in this mobile and fiber section, we have several configuration settings. From ‘line settings’ we can configure our SIM access to the internet and calls, as well as the possibility of activate roaming In a simple way. Likewise, we can configure the voicemail or whatever we want to happen when they call us.

How to check your invoice in the Pepephone app

Check Invoice

In the ‘Invoices’ section we can do the obvious: check our invoice history. By clicking on each of them we will have access to the PDF with said invoice, so it is the fastest and easiest way to export this document if we need it digitally.

The invoices section shows us the history of the last six months. We can download each invoice in PDF, if we want a digital copy

In this section invoices for the last six months are displayed, yes, without the possibility of accessing previous invoices. The month of the invoice, the associated line and the billing address appear on each invoice, so there is no room for confusion.

How to set up your PepePhone account

Pepephone Invoice

The last section that My PepePhone shows us is the account section, where we also have a good list of settings. First, they will tell us how long we have been in the company. This is relevant at PepePhone since, in some rates, we will have discounts and seniority benefits.

Apart from this, we can change the email with which we log in, the password, bank account in which payments are domiciled, billing address, as well as reviewing the data of the contract that we have signed. Finally, indicate that if we are from PepeEnergy we can also manage the data from this app, in the ‘electricity’ section (remember that if you contract electricity you will have a discount on the bill).

My Pepephone

My Pepephone

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