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How to use an iPhone as a webcam for your PC

Thanks to third-party applications, it is possible to use your iPhone as a webcamWhether you’re using a MacOS or Windows computer. Not all PCs have a built-in webcam, and if they do, the quality may not be as good as you’d expect.

We’re going to show you the best alternatives you have to use an iPhone as a webcam. We have valued that they are free, easy to configure and that we can use them at any time.

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Epocam is going to be the first alternative we recommend. Firstly, because it is available for both MacOS and Windows 10. Secondly, because it meets the requirements we are looking for: it is free, easy to use and it is very simple to have it accessible with just one click. First of all, we have to download the drivers and files necessary for its operationboth in Windows and Mac.

Download the app on both PC and iPhone and that’s it, the video is sent without any configuration required

Once we have downloaded the files (they are very light and everything takes just a few seconds) it is time to download the application from the App Store for our iPhone. The interface is sparse, but it couldn’t be more functional. When opening the app, we are shown that the iPhone is looking for a PC to connect to. Simply open the application on the PC and they will automatically synchronizeThe system can be used to connect to the Internet, without having to enter an IP address, set up WiFi addresses and so on.

Image 2020 03 18 10 35 43 Although limited to 480p, the quality is more than sufficient for webcam mode.

The main limitation of this application is that resolution is set to 640×480But if your iPhone’s camera is decent (in our case we used the 11 Pro), the image quality is more than acceptable for video calls. The application’s interface, once synchronized, does not allow us to make any further settings, at least in the free version.

In the case of the paid version, we can use iPhone audio as a PC microphone, stream 1080-quality video, manually focus and even use the device’s phone as a camera. The price is 8.99 although, as we have already mentioned, the free version works perfectly.




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The other option we have is to use Ivcam. In this case, the application is only for Windows and is also compatible with our iPhone. The operation is very similar to that of Epocam, although here the interface is a little more carefulBoth on the PC and on the mobile phone. As we did with the first application, we have to download the PC program and then download the application to our phone.

Image 2020 03 18 10 40 36 Quality up to 2K for Ivcam, clear winner at configuration and video level

What does Ivcam bring to Epocam? Much more configuration. First, we can check the status of the connection. We can also use the flash of our mobile phonefor extra lighting. We even have some filtersto give you some look to the image we’re broadcasting. We can also reverse the image, in case we want to avoid the mirror effect of the camera. Similarly, we can control both the exposure and the camera’s own ISO, as well as focus and white balance.

With this app we can set everything: exposure, focus, white balance, ISO, quality up to 2K, etc. Everything in the free version

The thing doesn’t end here and that is that we can adjust the quality up to 2Kas well as the FPS rate at which we’re recording. This is a tremendous setup considering that it is a totally free service, with some advertising, though. In short, a much more complete option, with the main limitation of being restricted only to Windows.



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