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How to verify that your Covid Certificate is valid and works correctly

Have you downloaded the Covid Certificate on your mobile and want to make sure it works? Not sure if it is still valid? Well there is one very simple way to check it and from the mobile phone, either iPhone or Android: with the Covid Check app. We teach you how to do it.

After the entry into force of the Covid Certificate on July 1, anyone who wishes to do so in Spain (or Europe), and has been vaccinated, has a negative test or has passed the disease, you can request this certificate and download it to the phone (or take it on paper). Once on the mobile it should work correctly so that the authorities know the status of the user. What do you want to check that yours is in perfect condition? We have the way.

Use an application to check the status of the certificate

Check Covid Certificate

Covid Check on iPhone

Since the European Union developed the certification platform as a universal testing tool, it is enough with an app approved by the authorities to, once the QR has been read, to determine that it works without problems. It is a simple process that can be done from any mobile, be it iPhone or Android.

How to install the Covid Certificate in Apple Pay and Google Pay

As to save the QR on the phone, it is enough to download said QR, It could be that the image was not displayed correctly or that characters were lost when converting the code to a format suitable for the smartphone. Verifying that the Covid Certificate works is a matter of a few seconds and ensures that it will not present problems once it has to be presented to anyone who asks us for it.

For the verification of the Covid Certificate We will use the Covid Check application, an app developed by the Swiss Confederation. It is safe, it is authorized and it even works without an Internet connection (it downloads the databases from time to time). The process to make use of it is as follows:

  • Download Covid Check for Android or iPhone, depending on your phone.
  • Once the application is downloaded, open it. You need to authorize access to the camera so you can read the QR code of the Covid Certificate.
  • Point the mobile camera at the QR of your Certificate. If you have it downloaded to your mobile, you will need a second phone with Covid Check installed to perform the check.
Check Covid Certificate

Invalid Covid Certificate QR

  • If the QR code is correct, the app will not present reading errors. Otherwise, you will have to save the Certificate again (and make sure it works then).
  • Covid Check will verify your certificate details with the European database. If it is correct, it will give its approval with a “Verification succesful” in green.
Check Covid Certificate

Valid and verified Covid certificate

With Covid Check you have at your fingertips a quick and easy way to check that your Covid Certificate is correct and that it works perfectly once you have downloaded it to the phone. It is an official app of the Swiss Confederation and works for certificates issued by any European country, Spain included. It’s secure, ad-free, has no weird permissions, and has no in-app purchases.

COVID Certificate Check

COVID Certificate Check

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