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How to view Instagram stories without users knowing

Instagram stories are now over half a million users. 15 seconds of video or a photo, a simple format, but one that has worked. Let’s tell you how you can view Instagram stories without other users knowing since Instagram currently displays a list of users who have seen the stories.

In our case we’re going to use three websitesWe have not found any applications that are safe enough to recommend them. However, despite being websites, we can access them from our mobile phone, so there is no major problem to perform this process from the smartphone.



StoriesIG is the first page we’ll use to view Instagram stories without users knowing it. Clarify that this only works if the user has the account open and he hasn’t restricted the stories to his best friends. Just enter the user’s name and all the stories will appear.

With the three websites we are going to show we can both view the stories and download them

We can watch them online, even if they’re videos as well as downloading them to our device. If we want to use it regularly, you can always add a desktop shortcut.



WeInstag is a page designed for download Instagram content via the URL of the publications. However, it has a section dedicated to viewing stories. As with StoriesIG, the account is required to be open and the stories are not closed to best friends. Likewise, we can download them.


Stories Watcher

This page is quite similar to StoriesIG at the interface level, although the “dark mode” is present. In this case we have a very visible button to download the stories directly.

In short, three proposals:

As you may have noticed, all three sites have advertising but, considering the service they provide, it’s understandable. With any of these proposals you can view and download Instagram stories without users knowingall from your mobile phone.

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