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1612625790 Instagram adds its own recycle bin to recover mistakenly deleted

Instagram adds its own recycle bin to recover mistakenly deleted photos

Instagram has announced on its blog news about deleting content on its social network: instead of disappearing forever, what you delete it will go to the trash and you can recover it for 30 days. This novelty comes as a complement to the archive function, which has been in the app for several years.

IGTV posts, reels, stories and videos that you delete on Instagram will not be deleted immediately, but instead will go to a kind of purgatory under the name of Recently deleted. There you will see how much time is left for them to be erased forever and recovered, in case of having deleted them by mistake.

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The Instagram Trash

Until now, Instagram didn’t have a trash can feature. If you wanted to remove something from your stories or from your profile, you had two options: delete it forever or archive it. The first was permanent, the second what it does is hide that publication until further notice, being able to recover it at any time.

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Now, Instagram has added additional protection for content deletion, which will be useful whether you delete something yourself and later regret it or if a malicious person has access to your account and decides to delete everything. For the second case, Instagram will ask for identity confirmation before deleting something permanently, as well as when restoring something that had been erased.

The section Recently deleted is in the Instagram settings, section Account and from it you will be able to see, classified by type, all the publications, IGTV videos, reels and stories that have been deleted. Each image includes the data of how many days are left before it is deleted forever.


This period is 24 hours for stories deleted directly (that is, not from your archive) and from 30 days for all other content. What you restore will go back to where it was before. That is, if you have deleted something from the file, restoring it will return it to the file.

Instagram has announced that this novelty users are being activated from todayAlthough in our tests it seems that it is gradually reaching users. Before deleting anything, you better make sure that the trash is already active or, if not, it will be deleted forever and without the possibility of recovering it.



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