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1605487911 Instagram gives more presence to Reels and his shop with

Instagram gives more presence to Reels and his shop with the new design of the application

A new design change in Instagram’s interface seeks to better position two booming services: Reels and the store. With the redesign of the lower menu, the notification and add content buttons move to the top of the screen; by anchoring the Reels icon (a video player) and the store icon below.

Facebook is making a special effort to compete with TikTok, the most used social network by young people worldwide. For this purpose, it created the Reels service: Short term content, vertical, designed for creators and permanentno pointing to temporariness as it does with the Stories. And, since Reels was a little hidden in the general feed of the application, Facebook has chosen to give him his own space. Taking advantage of the situation, it has also placed the store in the foreground.

Instagram vs. TikTok: Reels seeks to position its alternative

Instagram Reels Shop

That Reels is modeled after TikTok is not surprising since Facebook has been characterized for years by integrate the best of the competition into their own products. The Snapchat Stories are a clear example of inspiration, as is Reels himself. In fact, navigating the new Reels interface is a clear déjà vu. Even the recommendation algorithm seeks to look like TikTok’s.

Instagram Reels: 21 tricks and features to get the most out of this alternative to TikTok

The lower Reels tab moves the user to an interface centered on short-lived vertical videos. Scroll up and down to change content, filters, all kinds of effectsTikTok is the first software to integrate music and background audio, and it has been transferred to Instagram.

The store tab also moves to the new interface of the former photo-only application. By clicking on this tab Instagram uploads a storefront style cover with products highlighted according to the user’s tastes. Promotional content created by brands and influencers, product searches and ease of purchase to make the item not only simple, but also attractive.

Instagram Reels Shop

The revamped interface is currently being expanded to all users, although it may take a little time to arrive. There is no need to update the application: Instagram will activate the new design from your servers.

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