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1609901406 Instagram is already testing a new format to view stories

Instagram is already testing a new format to view stories in the browser

Having long resisted abandoning its 100% mobile policy, Instagram is finally focusing on tackling the world of desktop computers, which also opens the door to almost any device that has access to an Internet browser.

In a browser we can not only see Instagram, something that could be done a long time ago, but also check direct messages and (one of the latest additions) consult the stories of our contacts. And it is precisely in this section that the next novelty of the network is focused, which is already testing a new format for stories in the browser that makes better use of its screens.

Carousel with previews for landscape displays


As they tell from Engadget, Instagram is already working on a new format to view stories in traditional browsers. Assuming, of course, that nobody sees Instagram stories on their mobile phone in a browser, there are dedicated apps for all operating systems. The new design, however, it doesn’t seem to be enabled yet for all users.

How to see the Instagram stories of other users without them knowing

Those who have already detected its presence (Instagram is used much more on mobile than in browsers) have already shared the new design. We talk about a new side-scrolling carousel system, and the stories that are to come are previewed on both sides of the story that we are consulting at that moment. In the current design, the central story is surrounded, without more, by black frames that prevent anticipating what is to come.

In terms of navigation, nothing has changed. We can continue to stop stories, whether or not they have videos, with a mouse click on them and we can continue skipping stories or users. With the new design, already in the testing phase, Instagram start taking advantage of landscape screens on personal computers And why not say it, compatible smart TVs. It is not clear when the new design will be released for all users, but it is probably Instagram itself that will announce it when the time comes.

Via | Engadget

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