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1612578776 Instagram no longer lets some users share normal posts as

Instagram no longer lets some users share normal posts as stories

For a couple of years, Instagram has allowed you to share normal posts as stories, by pressing the button on the paper plane. If you are trying to do it and you do not find it, the explanation is simple: as part of a test, Instagram already does not allow to share a normal post as a story.

That is, for some users, the send button next to a normal Instagram post is used to send it to a private chat and nothing else. In some cases, Instagram is reporting the reason for this test: “the user community complains of seeing too many stories with posts from the Instagram feed “.

The republishing is going to end (for some)

Depending on how lucky you are and where you live, two different things can happen when you hit the send button on an Instagram news post. With the classic behavior, you can send it to your own stories or by private message. If you are part of the test, you will not be able to republish it as history.

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This republication of the “classic content” of Instagram, that is, of the photos or videos shared on the profile, is possible since 2018 and implies the creating a story that includes a large thumbnail of the publication and the name of the account. Viewers of the story can tap on the preview to open the original post.


It’s the closest thing to do retweets on Instagram, at least officially and without third-party applications. Useful for spreading a publication more widely, adding any additional comments or any other possible creative use. Nevertheless, This content republication is not seen with good eyes by all users.

According to the notice that Instagram shows to some users who are receiving the test for which they can no longer share publications, “the user community wants see fewer republications in their stories. “As a test, the feature is totally disabled for some users.

That is, if you are part of said test, the option does not appear directly and there is no possible way to publish a photo of the Instagram news, yours or someone else, as a story. Frustrating for those who want to do it and a change out of the blue for those who don’t want to see this type of content anymore. For now it’s a test, but we will have to see what Instagram decides to do: whether to extend the test to everyone or leave everything as it was. In both cases, it will not rain to everyone’s liking.

Via | The Verge

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