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Instagram stories will have automatic captions
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Instagram stories will have automatic captions

Facebook continues to bring more and more news to an Instagram that recently welcomed live rooms without video, that is, to ‘Clubhouse’ rooms, and the following in preparation has to do with one of its main characteristics in recent years: the stories.

We have become used to being able to do almost everything with our stories, not counting the effects that we have available to create them. We have GIFs, we can put music, we can put the lyrics of that same music and all kinds of labels, time markers, weather markers and so on. Y soon we will be able to put automatic subtitles that are written while we speak.

Ideal for hearing impaired users

For now it seems that everything will start in Anglo-Saxon terms because the instantaneous transcription system of Instagram stories will only be available initially to English-speaking users. Although from Facebook they work to make the system work in other languages ​​as well, and it is logical to think that Spanish will be among the first to receive it after English.

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The system will be identical to the one currently used for song lyrics, and its display will also be the same. We will have a simple sticker that we can put on the screen of our history, and the sticker will be in charge of writing everything we say on the screen during history.

This option becomes one more way to give our creations in Instagram stories a style of their own, but it also opens the door for our stories to make sense when someone views them with the sound disconnected. And above all, open the door that people with hearing problems also enjoy the contents that we, and others, post on Instagram.

Also, knowing that automatic transcription systems are not perfect, Instagram will allow us to edit the transcription of our audio word by word so that it can be displayed on the screen smoothly and without errors. Instagram thus joins other companies that have launched automatic and instant transcriptions such as Google’s ‘Live Caption’ or automatic subtitles for English and Japanese launched by TikTok.

Via | Verge

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