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Instagram tries the food shopping from the stories and photos

Purchasing items directly from Instagram is not new, but the company has decided to go further by activating the food acquisition directly from the applicationWhat do you see as an appetizing dish in the pictures or the stories? You can order it with one click.

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping us homebound, applications like Instagram see users uploading a remarkable amount of photos with food, from homemade bread to the latest recipe we’ve put into practice. With the impossibility of attending restaurants, **they must survive from the orders******, both at home and for collection at the establishment. And Instagram has decided to add this circumstance to its application: the company is testing in the United States the photos and food stories that can be ordered.

Do you like the dish? Order it from Instagram

Buy Instagram Food Story with a food order. Image of Techcrunch

Food photos are a common theme on the web for photographic content, both on the update wall and in the Stories. Users, restaurants and brands they usually share their best presentationsThe ones that make you salivate just by looking at them on your phone screen. Wouldn’t you like to order more than one dish and have it delivered to your home? Well, in L.A., it’s possible.

As detailed by TechCrunch, Instagram has partnered with the ChowNow company to offer food orders directly on the application. Restaurants that partner with the U.S. ordering platform can offer their dishes through Instagram so that their fans can order them without leaving the application. To do this, they have buttons and stickers that, once embedded in the uploaded content, will facilitate the order of the concrete plate taking advantage of the footbridge of orders of ChowNow. The process is transparent and very visual: you see the plate in the mobile, you click on the sticker, you order it and it arrives at home. Or you pick it up at the restaurant, everything will depend on the service offered by the restaurant.

The Instagram food ordering system it has no cost to the userFor the establishment, yes: as detailed by ChowNow, restaurants pay between $99 and $149 per month. Each order is completed with the platform’s payment gateway. And there are no plans for Instagram to extend this type of shopping beyond the United States, at least for the time being.

Via, | TechCrunch

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