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1611920336 Instagram will allow companies to schedule photo and video posts

Instagram will allow companies to schedule photo and video posts with a new API

For a long time, Instagram is not only the preserve of its users but they exist profiles of companies whose presence is gaining more and more ground. The latest modification of the service allowed, for example, the opening of stores inside Instagram, whose payments in turn go through the Facebook platform so that everything remains at home.

Now, Instagram has announced the creation of a new API aimed again at the business sector, its users of Instagram for Business. An API that will allow you to schedule the publication of images and videos in the feed of the application (for now not in the stories) although with some limits so as not to cause a wave of spam.

Up to 25 scheduled posts per day

Instagram announces the creation of a new API for the business sector, an API for Instagram for Business or Instagram Business clients. Thanks to this API, companies will have the possibility to schedule their publications in such a way that they can configure full working hours because limitation resets every 24 hours.

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According to Instagram itself, companies will be able to use this new API to schedule up to 25 daily posts, including both photos and videos. Instagram does not specify whether it is talking about 25 individual publications or 25 groups of publications because, remember, Instagram has long allowed to publish images and videos in blocks of 10, so that they are grouped under the same time and are seen in the form of a gallery.

Whether or not they reach the scheduled publication limit, companies will be able to continue using the native apps to continue publishing

The new API refers, of course, to posts in the app feed, to the photographs that are later configured in order in the profile of each of the companies. At no time is there talk of posts in the stories or on Instagram Reels, although we will be watching if this changes in the future.

Once this limit of 25 daily scheduled posts is exceeded, Instagram specifies that se you can continue with the usual publication through native apps of the platform, or through the Facebook Creator Studio. The limitation is therefore only for scheduled photos and videos, so the limit of daily posts remains infinite.

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