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1605206204 iPhone 12 now supports 4K HDR video on YouTube

iPhone 12 now supports 4K HDR video on YouTube

With the recent arrival of the new iPhone range (i.e. iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini), some changes are coming in the form of updated apps and one of them is YouTube, which has seen its iOS app updated so that now frees support for playing HDR content on the iPhone 12.

This improvement is due to the compatibility of the screens of the new models of Cupertino’s firm with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) image mode. In fact, iPhone 12 Pro is capable of recording video in HDR. Y this is the way to view content on HDR in the new YouTube version for iOS.

Accessing HDR content with iPhone 12

Hdr Ios

Before we go any further, we must clarify that not all videos on YouTube will offer the option of viewing in this image mode. Only those that are compatibleThey are going to offer us this possibility.

What is HDR on your phone and how can you get the most out of it

In this sense, the easiest way to try this improvement is to look for a video with this format. Just type HDR to locate one of these videos. This video can serve as an example.


When starting the reproduction we can click on the reproduction configuration menu to which we access by touching the three points and there we’ll see all the associated HDR modes to various resolutions. We only have to choose the one that interests us most.

The iPhone 12 thus joins the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro as models capable of this type of playback.

Signature Devices certified phones


Nevertheless, HDR content is not exclusive to the iPhone 11 and 12 range. There are currently quite a few models with Android that offer access to content in this format on the streaming video platform. In order to have this possibility, the models that want to access the video in the highest quality must have the YouTube Signature certification.

Thanks to the YouTube Signature Devices label and collaboration with various manufacturers, the platform certifies that the devices meet the requirements performance to give the user the best experience for watching YouTube. These are the criteria they must meet:

  • HDRHDR (High Dynamic Range) video support for better contrast, color and detail.
  • 360º VideosThe new version of the software has to offer support for 360º videos that can be used with augmented reality viewers.
  • 4K decodingThe video decoding support: you must have the support for 4K video decoding to ensure that the device will be able to play the video in its fullest definition smoothly. The screen does not need to be 4K.
  • Frames per second highThe screen has to be able to play videos at more than 60 fps for smooth playback.
  • Next generation codecsThe VP9 Profile 2 hardware decoder, an advanced video codec technology that allows you to view high-definition video using less bandwidth, must be supported by the handset.
  • DRM performanceFinally, the phone needs to be able to play any copyrighted video smoothly and without interruption.

With all this on the table, we found a list of compatible models that meet all these requirements:

A list in which no iPhone appears since up to iOS 14 have not been compatible with the VP9 codec. Apple offered support for AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265), while VP9 is a free system created by Google that allows 4K HDR video playback.

However, with the advent of the current version of the mobile operating system, Apple is introducing support for this codec and 4K video with HDR is now available on supported iPhone models.

With all this data on the table, Supported iPhone models are still not listedHe did not know the reason for this absence, as YouTube did not provide any further information on the subject.

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