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It’s that easy to create and add custom ringtones to your iPhone from your computer with iRingg

One of the things that I find most striking about iOS is the limited customization capabilities that the Cupertino’s mobile operating system has traditionally offered. Although iOS 14 seems to be a change of scenery and more freedom is coming, the truth is that there are points where the limitation is still evident.

And the ringtones offered by iOS are one of the most bloody. With so many iPhones on the loose, always hearing the same tone in a call can cause more than one slip-up. There’s a solution if you have access to a MacOS or Windows PC and the iRingg tool that you can download for both platforms. With this app you can create and use all the tones you imagine on your iPhone.

Steps to follow


The iRingg application is not free, go ahead, but it’s nice that it allows us to forget about subscriptions and purchases in the application because it offers a single payment. That said, it’s worth noting that Using iRingg is a process that is very convenient and allows us to forget Marimba’s jingle every time we get a call.

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iRingg allows us to create iPhone ringtones with any of the tunes or songs we have on our PC or Mac and we can send it either by cable or via Wi-Fi to our iPhone.

Iringg 1
Iringg 2

The steps are very simple and once you access iRingg you just need to locate the desired song to build the tone. We have access to an online search engine, “Search”, which uses sources such as YouTube or SoundCloud. In my case I prefer to use the search engine (Browse) as a browser.

Iringg 3

Once the track is located, the system preselects a part that with a duration of 20 seconds he considers to be the most suitable. However, we can change the area already set, as well as extend or reduce the duration and even avoid cutting.

Iringg 4

Once we’ve decided on the piece we’re going to use, we can click on “preview” to see the result of the cut before sending it to its destination.

Iringg 5

The next step brings us to a screen where we can add some of the effects offered by the program and we can even record our voice to play along with the song. To curl the loop we can attenuate the beginning and end of the track if in some cases we want to avoid scares with the calls.

Iringg 6

When we’ve taken all the steps, iRingg asks us if we want send that track to the phone via cable or Wi-Fi or if we prefer to keep it in the Finder instead.

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