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1613708080 LastPass will no longer be cross platform

LastPass will no longer be cross-platform

Hard setback for those of us who use the LastPass password manager on mobiles and computers: the company warns that its multiplatform facet will end for those who use free accounts. Specifically, from March 16, 2021, you will have to choose: or use LastPass on mobile phones or computers. Only those who pay can use the service on both platforms.

With password theft as one of the main dangers on the Internet, and the recommendation of use passwords complex and unique for each app or service, it is impossible to remember all the ones we use on a daily basis. Because, how many times have you had to recover the password because it turns out that you typed the wrong one? That is why password managers like LastPas are so useful: apart from providing security, with them it is possible not to lose a password. Too bad the free accounts are now losing their appeal.

Free accounts don’t go away, but they will be less useful

Lastpass Passwords Manager

We must make it clear that LastPass will not delete free accounts, nor will it erase passwords for those accounts. The main limitation concerns the multiplatform use of the service: if you used LastPass only on mobile phones, both Android and iOS, you will hardly notice differences. Just as if you used this fantastic password manager only on your computers.

I've been using a password manager for years and now I can't live without it (literally)

From March 16, 2021, the limitations of free accounts will begin, until that moment nothing will change. As of the aforementioned date (inclusive), the first type of device where you open LastPass will remain as your default; blocking the opposite platform. On March 16 (or later) you start LastPass on your iPhone? From that moment on you can only use it on iOS and Android, not on Mac or Windows. The same on the contrary. You will have three chances to change the device type, then it will be permanent.

Apart from the cross-platform limitation, LastPass will offer technical support only to Premium users. The date set for this will be May 17: from that day only those who pay will receive technical assistance by email. The rest will only have access to LastPass help and its user community.

With the movement LastPass seeks to expand the number of paying users. If you are only going to use the password manager on your mobile surely not worth paying as there will not be too many changes. Otherwise you can opt for a subscription or to switch to other services, such as Bitwarden.

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