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1603891555 LaundrySnap is an app that interprets the icons on clothing

LaundrySnap is an app that interprets the icons on clothing labels to show how they are washed

There are two types of people: those who treat all clothes equally and cross their fingers to make everything look good, and those who meticulously look at the laundry labels. The washing instructions sometimes include a short text with the most important things, but usually they include Icons with washing symbols.

Now, let’s be honest, ordinary people hardly know the difference between the icon of an iron with one, two or three dots on it, so you’re left with tables of meanings
o… an app. Yeah, there’s an app for this: Laundry Snap is an app that you take a picture of the clothing label and it interprets for you what it means.

Technology at the service of laundry

Laundry Snap defines itself as an application that uses machine learning to identify clothing labels. In practice, it’s basically a recognition system that looks for the familiar icons on clothing labels and shows you what they mean.

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The application helps you not to make any mess with your clothes in two ways: on the one hand, it has a guide in which he tells you the meaning of each symbol. The guide, being ordered by category (wash, bleach, dry, iron and dry clean), makes it easy to find the icon you are interested in quickly.

The other way is using the camera on the cell phone to analyze the tag. First, a photo is taken and then the application will identify which symbols it has found and their meaning. The degree of confidence the app has in having identified the icon correctly is indicated.


As in other similar applications, the result depends a lot on the quality of the photo and how clear the symbols look: the more perfect the photo, the better the results. In our tests, the app has correctly identified some of the symbols and ignored others. Considering that this is a first version, it is expected that it will improve over time.

The Laundry Snap was released a few days ago and is available on both the App Store and Google Play, but is currently unavailable in the Google Store. It’s an application free and at the moment it has no publicity of any kind.

Laundry Snap

Laundry Snap

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