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Legendary Edition will come to iOS and Android in February

Legendary Edition ‘will come to iOS and Android in February and you can now register

More and more titles of weight are reaching mobile phones. Perhaps because the average power does not stop increasing, because the integration of the wireless controls is improved or because ‘gaming’ improvements are included in the style of high screen or cooling refreshments. Be that as it may, the mobile gaming ecosystem grows month after month and we’ll have a great new addition soon.

In the month of February we will have nothing more and nothing less than the arrival of ‘Titan Quest: Legendary Edition ‘ in its version for mobile phones. The game is developed by HandyGames, a rising developer that already has titles behind them such as ‘SpellForce: Heroes & Magic’, or as ‘Battle Chasers: Nightwar’, the franchise designed by Joe Madureira for comics.

No advertising and no purchases inside, since February

To attend the launch of the first Titan Quest you have to go back to 2006, almost three decades ago. The game consisted of a role-playing title based on Greek mythology, as explored in strategy titles as in other modalities, such as the well-known God of War. The game was developed by Iron Lore and came to Windows to stand up to the very Diablo franchise, which had been dominating the scene for ten years.

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After several subsequent experiences, ‘Titan Quest: Legendary Edition’ was finally released and we will soon enjoy the game both on iOS and Android, so in addition to being able to play it on Android tablets and mobiles we will enjoy it on the iPhone and iPad. The game has already opened the registration phase, in fact, so that we will be notified when it is already available.

Although there is no exact date, HandyGames speaks that we will see ‘Titan Quest: Legendary Edition’ in circulation in the first bars of February and that the game will be a one-time payment. We will not have advertising and we will not have purchases inside, what we will have to do is pay $ 17.99 (There is no European price at the moment) to get it.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

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