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Look Around arrives in Spain

One of the novelties that Apple announced in its WWDC 2021 was the arrival of the new Apple Maps maps to Spain. Among the new features that the app incorporates is Look Around, Apple Maps’ answer to Google Maps Street View. With this tool we will be able to see real images of the streets, as we already did in Street View.

To test this novelty it is necessary to have our device updated, at least, to the latest stable versions (iOS 14), no need to install the beta of iOS 15 to test it. We are going to tell you how this interesting novelty is activated and how it works.

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This is how Look Around works

Apple Maps

Look Around is an Apple Maps feature that has just landed in Spain with iOS 15, still in beta. The function is already available in the Maps app, so we just have to open it to start enjoying it. When we open Maps, we will see an icon of binoculars, we just have to click on them.

The way to move around in Look Around is very fast. We place the binoculars anywhere on the map and the navigation view with images will be activated

The funny thing about Look Around is that we can move these binoculars all over the map and, in the area where we leave them, we will access the real images view. Loading times are minimal (with a good connection), image quality is excellent, and overall performance lives up to Google Maps Street View.

Although these images are initially loaded in a format similar to PiP so that we can see the map below, we can see them in full screen, and even zoom. Its use is very intuitive, so we will not have any problems with its operation.

So, from now on you can use this new Apple Maps function that comes to compete directly with Apple’s Street View. We have carried out several tests and the covered area is more than wide, being able to navigate even in small towns with a few hundred inhabitants.

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