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1615116183 Microsoft launches Group Transcribe for iOS an app to transcribe

Microsoft launches Group Transcribe for iOS, an app to transcribe and translate conversations

Microsoft Garage, the company’s experimental division, has a new app on the App Store: Group Transcribe, for transcribe and translate conversations in real time. It is an application similar to the conversation mode of Google Translate or Live Transcribe, although more focused on meetings.

The application can be downloaded for free from the iOS app store and no login required or register in any way, beyond choosing a name and a language. At the moment, no news of a possible version for Android.

The mobile takes the notes

Group Trascribe is a new application designed to be used as tool during meetings. The idea is for each participant to install the application and connect to the same session, which must be created by one of the attendees. The method to join a session is by scanning a QR code or with the mobile Bluetooth.

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With your mobile at hand, Group Trascribe will transcribe everything that is said in the meeting, also translating the phrases that are in languages ​​other than the one you have configured. Each user must provide their name and language before joining a meeting.


The advantage with other similar applications is that Group Trascribe use the microphone of each participant’s mobileinstead of capturing everything from one device. This allows the system to have a higher quality sound from each person and, therefore, a more reliable transcription.

The application supports 80 languages And, although it does not limit the number of participants, Microsoft reports that it “works best with up to four people” in the same meeting. In addition to being a good tool to keep in writing everything that has been said in a meeting, Microsoft highlights the accessibility implications of the app, as help for non-native speakers or people with hearing problems.

Group Trascribe

Group Trascribe

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