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Microsoft releases limited mobile parental application for Android and iOS

Google has Google Family Link, Apple has its own family program and Microsoft joins the parental control applications with Microsoft Family SafetyA new multi-platform parental control application, which can already be tested on a limited basis.

Microsoft Family Safety is tightly integrated with the Microsoft 365 subscription and provides the usual parental tools, from maximum screen time limitation to content filtering or viewing where the rest of the family members are.

Microsoft joins parental control

If you are a regular consumer of Microsoft’s services, Microsoft’s new parental control application provides you with an alternative to Google’s or Apple’s and with the advantage that control is extended to different devices: Mobile, PC and Xbox.

On the mobile, the application collects information about what children are doing on the Internet, including screen time, the most visited websites and what they are looking for. Every week you receive an email with a summary so you can digest the information more easily.

In addition to receiving information, you can also set boundaries. From time of use control to content filters and blocking or allowing applicable to different applications and services. Finally, with the application you can see the location of family members on the map similar to other parental applications.


Microsoft has launched its parental control application with limited availability on Android and iOSso it’s not as easy as going to the app store and downloading it. Instead, those who want to have early access should fill out this form. Before filling out the form you need to have already set up a family group in the Microsoft account, something you can do here.

After completing the form, if you get a place in the limited test of the parental application, you will receive a e-mail with the download address. The rest will have to wait until the application is available to the public, soon.

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety

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