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Microsoft tests a new section on the PC

Microsoft continues to improve the connection between Windows 10 and Android devices – a test within the software Your phone is enabling a new option to share content between mobile and computer. Links, photos, and notes-everything shared will appear in a new section of Your phone.

Managing the content of an Android phone or tablet from the computer is usually as simple as joining the two devices together by a USB cable, enabling data transfer on the Android, and browsing with a file browser from the PC. Although There is software that makes that task easier, but also much more complete: Your phone. Microsoft allows from making calls to controlling mobile applications from the computer. And now it’s testing a new section that will make it easier to share content from your mobile.

All shared elements in one place

Windows 10 Android The ‘Your Phone’s Companion’ app allows you to send content to Windows 10 without being connected to your mobile and computer

To use your phone in Windows 10 you need to download the application that acts as a ‘companion’ from the Google Play Store (Samsung Galaxy has it built in). Once configured with the Microsoft account (the same as Windows 10), not only can we connect the mobile to the computer, but also send content from the first to the second even if they are not connected. This is done using the Android sharing menu.

Opening Android apps on a Windows computer screen with the Your Phone app

The ‘Your Phone’s Companion’ application allows you to share links, images or notes from your phone to your computer by choosing the relevant option from the Android share menu. This option is already active in the app, so you can send content to the computer with a couple of steps. And Microsoft is testing a new section in Windows 10 that allows access to everything that has been shared from the same place. This section is appearing in the computers of some ‘Insiders’.

As Aggiornamenti Lumia discovered, the new section ‘Sent from the phone makes it much easier to access everything that has been shared from Android with the computer (using the native Android sharing menu). Your phone in Windows 10 has three tabs: links, photos, and notes. Each one offers content accessible at a glance – so you don’t lose anything along the way, even if your phone and computer are not connected. New option uses Microsoft’s cloud to share content.

Windows 10 Android 1 New section in test with mobile shared content

Sharing content from the Android app ‘Companion to your phone’ is already active for all users, although the dedicated section in ‘Your phone’ (Windows app) is only available to a limited number of Insider users. It is expected that Microsoft will extend the option over the next few months to all users.

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