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miDGT will notify fines and allow to pay them from

miDGT will notify fines and allow to pay them from the mobile, among other news

miDGT is preparing to update to a new version with great news. Every time the app is updated, it usually comes from the hand of important functionalities and, as advised by the DGT, in the coming weeks one of the most requested functions will arrive in the application.

At last we will be able to receive notices and pay fines from the app, thus avoiding having to wait for notifications to arrive at home, in addition to initiating the relevant procedures to pay them. The novelty will be accompanied by more functions and from the DGT they announce some of the plans for 2021 with this application.

Payment of fines, about to reach miDGT

From the DGT magazine they announce that the app will allow the notice and payment of penalties, a feature that has been waiting since its launch. They have not detailed what the payment methods will be, but being able to do it from the app (in addition to being notified more quickly), is a great advance at an administrative level.

As we can already make payment of fees from the app, the payment of fines will be enabled in the next update

Along with this great novelty will come other functions. Among them, allow the identification of a non-owner driver in the event of a complaint, the annotation of a common driver and usability improvements to simplify access to the app. Here the inclusion of a regular driver is especially useful, to avoid problems in the event that we are stopped in a vehicle of which we are not the owner.

miDGT: what does this app do and how to use it to access your driving license and other data

In the same way, the DGT announces some of its plans for 2021 with this app. In the following updates, it will allow access to the previous appointment or to the “realization of simple procedures”, such as consulting notes from a traffic test, temporarily canceling vehicles or requesting duplicates of physical documentation, among others.

More information | DGT Magazine

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