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modifying or removing EXIF ​​data from photos with these apps for iOS and Android

If you are a fan of photography, you surely know what data is EXIF, acronym for Exchangeable image file format. It is the information stored next to the photo that we take and that includes metadata related to the device, location, date … These data are used to catalog and order the photographic gallery but they are not immovable and can be changed on iOS and Android thanks to a different applications.

Altering the EXIF ​​data of an image is something that cannot be done through the camera or gallery apps that make up the phones. We need either a PC or a specific mobile application with which to delete, add or change information.

Playing with the metadata


Perhaps at a certain moment the doubt arises. Why should I be interested in modifying the EXIF ​​data of an image? Well, for example to change the camera model, the location or change the date and time of capture of the photograph. This it also allows us in these cases to gain privacy, especially if we are going to share the photo in the cloud, since we hide data that can facilitate the location of us in time and place.

With EXIF ​​data we mean a set of information that is included with each photograph that we do with the mobile. Data that as a general rule include the date and time, the data of the camera with which it was made, the ISO values ​​and even the location of the photo if at that time we had GPS activated. These data are in the photos both those taken with smartphones and cameras.

How to edit the metadata?


In iOS we have seen how with the latest version of the operating system, iOS 15, the Photos app allows you to see the EXIF ​​data of the images or videos it contains. In this case we see the location, the camera, the resolution, size and weight of the file, as well as the ISO, the focal length, the aperture and the extension of the file.

The eleven best apps to edit photos on iPhone and Android

In the case of Android, in order to access said data we will need a third-party application, since the information that appears in most of the telephones only refers to the location of the photos.

And in both operating systems we will have to download an application to be able to edit this EXIF ​​data. In the case of Android, the most powerful is Photo Exif Editor and in iOS we have EXIF, two free applications that allow you to change all the data in a photo.

Photo Exif Editor

Photo Exif Editor

With this application we can select the photo we want and view and change your EXIF ​​data with access to all parameters. We can change the location, the mobile or camera model with which we made it and almost any information.

We can also edit it if it has a compatible format: JPEG, DNG, CR2, NEF, NRW, ARW, RW2, ORF, PEF, SRW and RAF and eliminate data that we do not want to be reflected, as for example we have used a photo editing program. An app that with the free version we have more than enough although it has a paid version for 2.19 euros that eliminates advertising.

Photo Exif Editor

Photo Exif Editor



EXIF is a free application for iOS that also has a subscription mode that, as an addition, removes advertising or allows you to edit several photos at the same time. But with the free version we can change all the parameters.

From the location, the date the photo was taken, the ISO values, the terminal that made it. Once changed, the previous photo in the gallery will be deleted and it will be replaced by the one we have edited, yes, without loss of quality.



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