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1611450671 more complete wallpapers animated stickers and voice calls

more complete wallpapers, animated stickers and voice calls

Signal has been suffering an avalanche of new additions to its service for several days thanks to the new conditions of WhatsApp, despite the fact that the latter have postponed their entry until May. Signal itself emphasizes this publishing the app download figures and now reinforces your service with a new and very succulent future update.

The one in charge of detecting it has been WABetaInfo, a well-known source of future functionalities for WhatsApp that has also hunted some of the future improvements of Signal through the code of its app. And in these improvements appear similar more than reasonable with functions already implemented in WhatsApp which curiously shares the encryption algorithm with Signal itself.

What’s to come to Signal


WABetaInfo account, for example, that we will soon be able to fund Signal chats with an appearance very similar to the current funds used by WhatsApp. The preview of the function, activated by the code of the app, does not differ much between both applications. Even the preview of the backgrounds appears, in addition to other functions such as the ability to use solid colors instead of textures or images.

Talking about censorship on WhatsApp makes no sense: this is how end-to-end encryption works

A Signal too animated stickers arrive so that we can create them ourselves, although it includes a pre-installed “Day to Day”, the company’s first official animated sticker pack. We will see if this functionality is well received by the community and soon we will begin to have the variety that is enjoyed, for example, in Telegram, another of the pillars of its competition.

In the last update also comes a data saving mode to be used for voice calls like the one that already operates on WhatsApp, in addition to expanding the number of participants in group calls. Signal now goes from a maximum of 5 participants in group calls to a total of 8. Groups also benefit from the new update by implementing the link so that we can invite others through email or other apps, simply by sharing it.

Signal will finally have animated stickers and everything will start with an official pack created by the company

As we see, Signal starts cruising on its upgrades And surely it won’t take us too long to learn more about the progress of the service. We will see if with these improvements, the panorama of mobile instant messaging is balanced a bit after several years of absolute dominance of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The more real options there are, the better for users.

Via | WABetaInfo

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