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Nintendo has a handful of franchises that are recognisable around the world, with dozens of games produced. And there’s no doubt that among them all Mario Bros. stands out with authorityeither as a representative of the platform genre or as a standard-bearer for arcade racing. Because is there anything more fun than bumping into friends while enjoying a game of Mario Kart?

Nintendo brought its famous Mario Kart to mobile phones with a fun, casual title that is somewhat cut out for the touch screen and with a serious shortcoming from the outset: the multiplayer mode. That mode came later with a couple of beta tests; and with the promise that it would soon be available to everyone. When? Just today, the Mario Kart multiplayer mode is ready for you to start burning the midnight oil with other real players.

Fast-paced races with real players

Multiplayer Mario Kart

Until now, races were held with eight players where seven were controlled by the machine, commonly known as NPCs (Non-Playable Characters). The names of the opponents were authentic as Nintendo borrowed them from the users, but nothing else: the tournaments lacked the picaresque, competitive and exciting nature of real playersThis is a less automatic way of competing that enriches the gaming experience.

Multiplayer mode has arrived in Mario Kart just days before the start of next season, the so-called ‘Baby Wake’. Following previous testing, Nintendo has completed the tuning of the servers to accommodate the millions of games expected to be played from now on – games that will be played in two types of competition: the ‘Normal Race’ and the ‘Golden Race. As the name suggests, the first mode is suitable for any Mario Kart user; while the second mode requires the Gold Pass, a monthly Mario Kart subscription that costs 5.49 euros.

Multiplayer Mario Kart

The multiplayer mode is made by pairing up eight players in a series of chained races, all with the same rules as in the current tournaments and with the particularity that the runners are real users competing in real time. Plus, players can create their own Mario Kart rooms to race directly with friends. All they have to do is be nearby: the game uses the location of the device to link close friends.

The pairing is done by ranks: it starts with ‘F’ and increases as the best classification is obtained in the races

If you were hoping to compete directly against other players from now on, it’s possible – Mario Kart has just officially released its multiplayer mode. All you need to do is open the game on your mobile, update it, and go to the ‘Multiplayer’ menu at the bottom left. All races are made with players of the same level taking advantage of the ranksA letter that defines the skill of each player. Winning multiplayer races will raise your rank.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

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