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new resolution settings on Android and iPhone

Now it is much more precise to adjust the YouTube playback quality, both on Android and iOS: the platform introduces different selectors in its mobile apps, both automatic and manual. It is even possible customize the playback quality on WiFi and mobile by default, each connection separately.

Do you tend to watch a lot of YouTube videos on your phone? Then surely you fought on more than one occasion with the quality of the videos. YouTube takes into account network conditionsespecially when the phone is connected to the mobile network; hence videos tend to play at 480p or less, a snag YouTube promised to fix with the default resolution selection. And this possibility reached mobile phones, both Android and iPhone.

Choose a default quality, both for WiFi and mobile connectivity

Youtube quality Quality selection during playback. Android Images

YouTube adapts the quality of reproduction to the device and the network where it is connected, as we said; allowing you to change it while the content is playing. That remains the same today, only that from now on it is possible to choose the default quality, the one to which the videos will load as soon as YouTube is opened.

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The change is now available in the new versions of YouTube. Once the app is updated, YouTube allows you to customize the playback for the current video and for all videos (default).

YouTube options for the playing video are:

  • Automatic selection. This is the one YouTube chooses by default.
  • The highest. Selecting it YouTube will load with the highest resolution available in the video. This will lead to higher consumption, both battery and data.
  • Data saving. YouTube will upload the video in the lowest resolution available.
  • Advanced. Here you can personally choose what the default resolution will be.

The quality menu for playing video has been greatly improved, but more importantly, YouTube now allows customize default resolution, both on WiFi and mobile phones. To access this configuration you must do the following:

  • Click on your avatar, in the upper right corner, and choose ‘Settings’.
  • Choose ‘Video quality preferences‘if you have an Android or go down to that area of ​​the menu if you have an iPhone.
  • Choose any of the three options, both for WiFi and data: automatic, higher quality or greater savings. YouTube will load videos by default according to customization.
Youtube quality Quality selection by default. IPhone Images

With these new quality options we will no longer have to fight to manually change the playback for each video: YouTube will take into account the personal preferences of the user over the conditions of the network. Or it is possible to keep the automatic selection, according to taste.

The new quality customization options are now available in mobile apps. You just have to have yours updated to find the new menus.

Via | Android Police

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