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new voices, cars and very animal avatars

The popular navigation application Waze has launched a curious novelty that allows you to show if you are more like cats or dogs. A change that would surprise in other more serious similar applications such as Google Maps, but not so much in Waze.

This choice between cats or dogs is materialized in three new related elements: avatars, cars and voice prompts of dogs or cats, as you choose. Voice prompts for dogs and cats are available in Latin Spanish.

Waze dog or cat

There are those who prefer dogs as pets and those who prefer cats. Whatever your case, now you can get noticed in Waze with new customization options. Specifically, with new voices, cars and avatars of dogs or cats.

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You can access these elements from the corresponding section of each one of them, although it will be easier for you to use the new menu Are you more of a dog or cat?, which is displayed on the side panel after pressing the magnifying glass icon.

Dog or cat

In this menu you will find a shortcut to choose a dog or cat avatar, a mobile cat or dog and change the voice prompts to cat or dog. Voice prompts are available in Spanish (Latin), English, and French.

Perhaps the most curious thing about the whole thing is the voice prompts, which will tell you things like “Turn right, WOW WOW“something you don’t see every day in an app. This Waze animal overdose will be temporary, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts and Navigation

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts and Navigation

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